Intellectual Property

Welcome to choddy, the intellectual property rights website. Choddy has created this website to help people understand intellectual property rights, laws and other related information associated with intellectual rights like patents, copyrights, trademarks, invetions and trade secrets. We have tried our best to provide this information in easy to understand language.

On this website we will provide information regarding, why you need to know about intellectual property, how you can obtain those rights and what are the procedures involved in it. For each type of intellectual property, like patent, trademark, copyright etc., there is a different procedure to get the intellectual property protection. Feel free to explore our links on the left hand side or on the top to explore more on each type.

In the patents section we discuss various patents laws and how to file for a patent. We also talk about the patent bar exam and how to find a patent agent and attorneys.

This section discusses the other aspect of intellectual property rights called copyrights. In short it discusses the copyright laws and how to copyright a symbol or content. Also provides information on various type sof copyright voilations and digital aspect of it. You will also find out what consitutes the "fair use."

Trademark is also an intellectual property for your organization. On our site you can learn what is a trademark and how can you do a trademark registration. It also provides the facility for trademarks search.

Trade Secrets
Trade secrets are the secrets of your business and any other confidential business information. Learn what the trade secret laws and acts are. Also find out how to protect this intellectual of yours called trade secret. Also look at benzene attorneys.

Lean about invention registration and submission. Also provides information about invention marketing and selling. If you are an inventor, then you must know all these details.

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